February 02, 2021

How to create Private EC2 Instance in AWS?

Secure deployment of EC2 instance. Accessing the private instance via public instance to reduce the risk level of the servers.

STEP 1: Create a VPC.

STEP 2: Create two subnets inside the VPC “demo-vpc”

Subnet 1:

Subnet 2:

Both the subnets are private until connecting to the internet gateway.

STEP 3: Create an IG [Internet Gateway] and attach it to the VPC.

STEP 4: Check the Route Table and confirm the IG attached properly.

STEP 5: Create a Public EC2 instance by attaching the VPC, subnet, and assign public IP.

STEP 6: Create a Private EC2 instance by attaching the VPC and subnet alone. Disable public IP.

STEP 7: Attach the public instance security group as a source in the private instance.

Now, two instances are configured, one is private [Public IP not assigned] and another one is public.

STEP 8: Change the key permission and try accessing the private instance [] from the public instance [].

Successfully logged in !!





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