Mitigate serious
information security incidents on time

Modern-day cyber attackers are patient, relentless, motivated, and sophisticated. Their targeted attacks have the potential to affect business operation, intellectual property, customers, and brand value. Reduce the damage, recover quickly, and prepare better against future attacks with a strong and solid Incident Response program.

Advantages of a robust Incident Response program

Investigate attacks and gain visibility into reasons for compromises
Respond to attacks better and take immediate actions where needed
Remediate faster and get your business on track
Collect evidence to bolster defense for future attacks

How can Sumeru help?

Reach to the roots

Unlike an alert-driven investigation, our threat hunting is a proactive activity that begins with a hypothesis to verify (hypothesis-driven).

Get the full context of threats

Team of offensive security professionals with deep understanding of cyber threats and the tactics, techniques and procedures of criminal adversaries.

Solid team

We don’t just hunt the threats we also investigate their root cause and provide mitigation steps to prevents such threats in the future.

Faster and better

We charge fairly and keep it affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Sumeru’s Methodology on Incident Response Management

Respond to serious information security incidents better with our proven steps.

Incident Detection, Reporting & Recording

Incident Analysis

Incident Response & Recovery (Forensic Analysis)

Evidence Collection & Incident Closure

Cyber attacks are inevitable. Prepare for the unexpected with Sumeru’s robust and comprehensive Incident Response Management and help your business sustain and flourish against the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Trusted by the best in the business

Established brands, government agencies, growing startups and everyone in between.