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Beyond Mindyears

Launch of Sumeru Innovation + Talk between Dr. Sidhu and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sumeru Innovation is a complete end to end digital ecosystem for future skills, entrepreneurship, innovation and mindfulness. It is an ecosystem where students will be able to learn directly from the world, without a guidebook and see what they have never seen before. It will empower students to learn innovation, so they can do innovations lifelong.

The Sumeru Innovation X program is for technical professionals and innovators and explores key management and leadership concepts relevant to technology-dependent enterprises. The program will be headed by instructors from the industry who will be teaching the cutting-edge curriculum which has been designed by Dr. Ikhlaq Sidhu in collaboration with global technology leaders who will act as the faculty advisor. Dr. Sidhu has also developed the very popular Data-X Course at Berkeley. He holds 75 patents for internet communication technologies.

On successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate from SCET UC Berkeley and select students will receive seed funding to pursue their ideas further from Sumeru Ventures and other partner investors.

The main aspects that the program which can be joined online or in-person focuses on are as follows:

Behavior & Mindsets: Innovation Engineering concepts developed at SCET UC Berkeley and taught at leading technology firms like Google, Apple, Samsung, Cisco, Bosch, Applied Materialism, Yahoo, PayPal, Volvo, and many other cutting-edge companies.

Dr. Ikhlaq Sidhu believes “Starting something is not just about the logic or being valuable. But it has to do with the mindset of how one sees the world, it has to do with the behaviors, and if they are good behaviors, if they have this inner strength, then these behaviors will let you start things that are big.”

Science of Happiness in collaboration with Art of Living Foundation: Ancient wisdom contextualized to modern realities and practical breathing techniques. This will allow individual to eliminate stress, enhance efficiency and productivity levels, and achieve work-life balance.

In a recent conversation with Dr. Ikhlaq Sidhu, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said that “In order to be innovative, entrepreneurs have to go beyond thinking, they have to transcend thinking and get into the inner quiet space. Thinking is what everyone already knows, it is like chewing what you already have in your mouth, but to be innovative you have to stop the thought process. And we all must acknowledge that we have limited knowledge, so our logic is limited. And for innovation, for intuition, we have to go beyond this barrier of knowingness of what we already know, beyond the boundaries of logic, and this is where you know techniques like meditation are useful, even observing the nature, and letting your feelings take the front seat.”

He further added saying “While there many paths that lead towards progress, ones that lead to both inner and outer progress are the ones which should be pursued. They will be the path which will give you strength and confidence to be entrepreneurial and innovative.”

Here is the link of full interview between Dr. Ikhlaq Sidhu and Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for more insights –

Project: A fully integrated, open-ended, real-life innovation project related to Data, AI/ML, DevOps, Blockchain and/or Cryptographic technologies. This project is a centerpiece which integrates theory, networks of people, business, process and innovation mindset.

The project will start with a real life, broad problem or challenge. Every aspect from the support courses, mentor networks, process, and learning activities will revolve around the student’s inspiring problem. They will be able to create new friends, colleagues, and specifically professional networks under the mentorship of advisors at Sumeru Ventures while working on a real-life innovative challenge.

Innovation Leadership with SCET: The learning from a decade of success with UC Berkeley’s Method of Innovation Leadership is integrated within the course and includes Harvard case studies for a broad experiential view of the issues to be managed.

The collaborative vision which is inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is to create 100,000 high end jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities over the next decade in multiple domains of 4.0 industrial technologies and make India a leader in responsible digital innovation.

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