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The #1 Key to Succeed with Facebook Ads

Did you ever wonder what is the main variable you should focus on when running ads on Facebook and Instagram? After reviewing hundreds of ad accounts, I realized that most people don’t put much attention into the things that will really determine their results.

Most people use poor ad creatives which affect their ad performance.  A study run by Nielsen shows that creative accounts for over 47% of the sales contribution.

After spending over $600.000 on ads I have also found that the ad creative is the undisputed champ.

So how to craft good ad creatives? What kind of creatives should you use?
Facebook has put together a series of recommendations, which include:
· Test a variety of ad formats: video, static images, carousel, etc. instead of just static images or videos.

· Have a clear message and focal point for static creative.
· Use the recommended aspect ratio for each placement.
· Use high-resolution images/ videos.
· Make sure the brand association is clear.

· Show a logo, recognizable spokespeople, colours, products and/or visuals
· Reinforce the advertiser name in any captions or superimposed text
· Use the majority of the video to showcase the product or service being advertised

· Use thumb-stopping creative to get noticed.
· Choose attention-grabbing video thumbnails
· Lead with shots of your products against vivid backgrounds, and make use of contrasting colours
· Put your “hero” front and centre
· Try using quick movements and transitions in between scenes

· Avoid too much image text on static images.
· Choose a single and impactful message. Make sure the audience knows what’s in it for them and that it aligns with your single ad objective.

All these best practices are good. However, in reality, there are 2 kinds of ads: regular ads and disruptive ads. Advertisers who do good or slightly break-even use regular ads. Advertisers who grow companies fast use disruptive ads. I’ve found that the main differences between these 2 types of ads are:

1. The CPC you get. In the US, you will normally get a CPC of $1 – $2 with regular ads and a CPC of $0.25 – $1 with disruptive ads.

2. Probably 95% of the ads you see are just regular ads. These ads use what I call an “informative creative”: they just convey a message, they inform about a product or service. On the other hand, 5% of the ads you see are disruptive ads. These ads have an “entertaining creative”. These make you stop and laugh or feel amazed. You have a memorable experience, and after consuming these ads you have the feeling of what a wonderful ad. These ads are so amazing that you don’t feel like you are seeing an ad.

3. Regular ads are usually company focused, which means that these make you feel like “Ok there is this company which is trying to sell me something.” On the other hand, disruptive ads are consumer-focused. These still make you feel like they are selling you something but they immerse you in their story. These connect to your pain points/ challenges, provide a solution and depict the desired result all in just a few seconds.

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