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Certainly, here are brief explanations of each of the components in the context of the services provided by the agency for investment banking firms using Salesforce:

Coverage and Relationship Management

Track interactions, monitor client engagement, and tailor your approach to individual clients. Identify agents who are connected the best with key nodes in your ecosystem heirarchy

Meeting Management and Activity Reporting

Seamless scheduling, coordination, and documentation of meetings within Salesforce, enabling detailed activity reporting, helping firms analyze their interactions, identify opportunities, and refine their strategies using cross-platform visualization and sync in Outlook.

Opportunity and Pitch Management

Identify potential deals and crafting compelling pitches to manage the entire opportunity lifecycle, from lead generation to deal closure, ensuring that no opportunity falls through the cracks. Assess and report on staffing requirements across business functions and tag fast-moving pipelines using analytics.

Deal Management

Establish a centralized hub for tracking, analyzing, and progressing deals. Improve deal visibility, streamlined processes, and increased deal-closing efficiency with report generation and document management tools.

Channel Marketing

Design and implement targeted channel marketing campaigns using a mix of battle-tested landing pages, templates, workflows, alumni engagement communities, and custom announcements. Reach the right audience at the right time, enhancing brand visibility and attracting valuable connections.

Market Data Integration

Get access to up-to-date financial information, news, and analytics to make data-driven decisions and seize new pitch opportunities unlocked by AI and predictive capabilities. Deep dive into bid multiples, buyer behaviour, insights from market leaders like CapIQ, FactSet, Pitchbook, etc, to build client-first API-powered solutions that drive growth.

Why Salesforce Financial Cloud

When investing in a CRM, it’s important to choose a tech platform that accommodates your growing data and myriad needs and a solution provider who knows its capabilities along with the finest strands of your business. Sumeru’s investment banking stalwarts understand this requirement and always recommend Salesforce for its adaptable capabilities and toolset that empowers investment banking firms to deliver the best customer experience at scale.

So whether it’s a junior analyst seeking to close more deals or a seasoned sponsorship banker looking to upsell or gain high-ticket referrals, Salesforce empowers everyone to do more with actionable insights and nurture an array of lucrative portfolios.

Let us be your strategic Salesforce solutions partner and watch your workflows get streamlined with business-centric precision and automations, giving your executives enough leverage to prioritize what truly matters for your venture to flourish.

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With relationship intelligence at its core, Financial Services Cloud fosters trust and transparency by enabling round-the-clock customer information tracking and visualization. It equips advisors with AI-powered tools to curate customized partner solutions, leverage next best action capabilities of Salesforce Einstein, and capture essential network and account information in real-time. This infuses investment banking firms with the following growth drivers:

  1. Powerful workflow and opportunity management tools to track deals and investment pipelines ensuring that no opportunity is missed.
  2. Action plans and automated householding that enable client services and investor relations teams to efficiently welcome and engage with new clients.
  3. Gain a comprehensive view of assets under management and deliver personalized advice across channels
  4. Meet strict security, compliance, and data regulatory requirements

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