Medical Devices

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Supporting Development Lifecycle

Navigating the complex and evolving regulatory landscape, medical device companies need to demonstrate the clinical efficacy and safety of their products for market acceptance and reimbursement. Meeting cultural differences and adapting to healthcare systems while maintaining consistency in product quality and performance is imperative to developing better devices that help diagnose, treat, or manage diseases. We understand how these unique needs evolve throughout the development lifecycle and, therefore, support you to check all the right boxes.

  • Developing R&D efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Detailed regulatory submissions and compliance documentation
  • Data management and integration throughout clinical trials
  • Assessing key marketing ROI metrics against expenditure
  • Improving targeted patient care and drug development

Areas we add value

Data Integration and Interoperability

Harmonize patient data, streamline operations, and enhance collaboration among HCPs, caregivers, patients, physician staff and hospital systems, ultimately accelerating the development and delivery of cutting-edge medical devices.

Consumerization of the Patient and Patient Engagement

By leveraging user-friendly interfaces and personalized experiences, we enable companies to strengthen patient relationships, collect valuable feedback, and drive product improvements, all while cultivating a patient-centric culture with automated healthcare journeys in Salesforce.


Fine-tune product strategies, optimize supply chains, justify marketing spend, and enhance regulatory compliance with robust measurement and analytics capabilities to extract meaningful insights from vast volumes of data. Assess your patient engagement intiatives with Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools that we will help you get accustomed to healthy outcomes.

Measuring Health Outcomes

Demonstrate real-world clinical value by validating product effectiveness with our industry-endorsed best practices, securing regulatory approvals, and forging partnerships with healthcare providers, bolstering their credibility and market position.

Optimizing Performance through Internal and External Training

Enhance workforce competence and market competitiveness with solutions to navigate industry complexities and harness external partnerships. Leverage a centralized hub for collaboration and customized training for your sales and support functions besides your internal stakeholders including nursing staff, admins, and HCPs.

Leveraging and Integrating New Technologies

Stay at the forefront of innovation with strategic integration of emerging tech such as IoT, AI, and telehealth. Our certified technology analysts and architects will empower your firm to unlock new capabilities, expand product portfolios, and address evolving healthcare needs efficiently.

Increasing Clinical Trial Speed through Broader Geographic Reach

Tap into wider patient populations and regulatory environments and shorten trial durations, reduce costs, and expedite the path to market, all while ensuring compliance with global standards with data integrations and mobile solutions.

Patient Support Programs

Elevate patient care beyond product acquisition with comprehensive guidance, resources, and assistance. Bring together critical ecosystems, data-driven strategies, and patient journeys crafted by subject matter experts to take healthcare experience from super to superior.

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