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Getting Started with Marketing Automation




Know thy customers

Identifying your buyer personas is crucial to understanding their challenges and crafting relevant marketing automation campasigns that help solve those challenges

Crafting compelling content for lead capture

Create and publish relevant and targeted content that attracts your web visitors to associate with your brand ecosystem

Lead outreach

Enable your sales team to leverage key data to target qualified leads with offers that they can’t resist, leading to high conversions

Lead nurturing

Stimulate and nurture your target audience with relevant content at every touchpoint using consumer data-backed frameworks powered by analytics.

All in the company you keep

It’s imperative to collaborate with a marketing automation support partner that has all the technical know-how of automation and how it applies to your specific business use case.

Email Co-Pilot for Success

Journey Automation

We help our clients maximize impact across CX touchpoints by discovering, building, testing, and fine-tuning automated flows including welcome series, post-purchase, cart abandonment, browse abandonment, reactivation, and a lot more.


We are committed to supporting growing brands leverage progressive profiling to gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour, enabling hyper-targeted personalization of their messaging.

Email Design

We build highly customizable and responsive email template designs that clients can deploy across campaigns without a hassle.

Platform Migration

Tired of juggling multiple ESPs? Let us take the stress out of migrating and managing email programs across platforms and help you get the most out of your existing ESP. Need something better? We’ll point you to the right one!


Know thy customer! We harness data analytics tools and techniques to help you design and implement personalized marketing strategies tailored to individual customer preferences and behaviors, fostering long-term lucrative relationships.

Impact Delivered


Nearly 2/3 of companies which are using automation have outgrown their competitors


76% of companies that implemented marketing automation generated a return on their investment within the first year


Marketing automation provided a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.


Successful companies are utilizing 4x marketing automation tools for lead generation, qualification, and customer retention

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