Climate Conversation


At Sumeru, our mission extends beyond delivering exceptional digital marketing strategies; we are committed to integrating sustainability into the core of our business practices. This Climate Conversation Policy embodies our dedication to reducing environmental impact, fostering a culture of responsibility, and promoting sustainable growth. Through strategic initiatives, we aim to minimize our greenhouse gas emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and engage our workforce in our sustainability journey.


  1. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Target a 35% reduction in total emissions by 2030 against a 2021 baseline.
  2. Promote Energy Efficiency: Achieve a 25% improvement in energy efficiency across all operations by 2025.
  3. Foster Environmental Responsibility: Cultivate a workplace that prioritizes sustainability in every action and decision.
  4. Implement Energy-Saving Technologies: Integrate cutting-edge technologies to reduce energy consumption by 2025.
  5. Transition to Renewable Energy Sources: Shift 100% to renewable energy sources for all operations by 2030.
  6. Achieve Emission Reductions Across All Scopes: Implement comprehensive strategies for Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions reduction.


  1. Emissions Reduction:
    1. Conduct annual carbon footprint assessments.
    2. Invest in carbon offset projects.
    3. Optimize operational efficiency to lower Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
  2. Energy Efficiency:
    1. Retrofit existing infrastructure with energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems.
    2. Implement smart office solutions for energy management.
  3. Environmental Responsibility:
    1. Integrate sustainability into core business values and decision-making processes.
    2. Encourage sustainable practices within supply chains and partnerships.
  4. Energy-Saving Technologies:
    1. Adopt cloud-based solutions to minimize hardware energy consumption.
    2. Explore IoT for efficient resource management.
  5. Renewable Energy Transition:
    1. Enter into Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with renewable energy suppliers.
    2. Invest in on-site renewable energy installations where feasible.

Implementation Framework

  1. Short-term (1-2 years): Focus on immediate actions such as energy efficiency improvements and employee engagement initiatives.
  2. Medium-term (3-5 years): Implement energy-saving technologies and deepen renewable energy commitments.
  3. Long-term (6-10 years): Achieve targeted reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and complete the transition to renewable energy sources.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Establish a Sustainability Task Force responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy.
  2. Utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress against objectives annually.
  3. Conduct regular audits and adjust strategies as necessary to ensure targets are met.

Employee Engagement

  1. Launch comprehensive awareness campaigns to educate employees on the importance of sustainability.
  2. Develop training programs focused on sustainable practices both in and out of the workplace.
  3. Introduce incentive programs to reward significant contributions to Sumeru’s sustainability goals.


This Climate Conversation Policy reflects Sumeru’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. By aligning our operations with these principles, we not only contribute to a more sustainable future but also enhance our competitive advantage and foster a culture of innovation and responsibility. Together, we will navigate towards a sustainable future, setting a benchmark for excellence in digital marketing strategy and environmental responsibility.