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In an extensively regulated industry with high risk and high reward, Biotech and Pharma companies need to stay on top of compliance requirements and navigate protracted market access for new drugs. There’s additional pressure of striking a balance between profitability and affordability for patients in a consumer-centric landscape.

Biotech and Pharma players need to innovate rapidly, secure partnerships, and differentiate products, all while navigating a crowded landscape of similar therapies and treatments. To deliver successfully on the increasing expectations of the network of stakeholders, payers, providers, and members, it’s high time that integrated technology solutions come into the picture along with a partner who understands the industry inside out.

Areas we add value

To help you meet the expectations of your stakeholders, healthcare providers, payers, members, and patients, and fulfill their unique needs, we supercharge the following capabilities:

Data Integration and Interoperability

Integrate disparate data sources as more molecules and stakeholder partnerships get added to your ecosystem. From streamlining research data and connecting pharmacies and insurers externally to unifying legacy ERP systems internally, our tailored solutions enhance accelerateg decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Consumerization of the Patient and Patient Engagement

Cultivate meaningful relationships with patients through personalized portals and automated communication that transform patient engagement, resulting in higher adherence rates, improved treatment outcomes, and invaluable insights into patient preferences across customized journeys.


We develop custom analytics dashboards in Salesforce that enable real-time tracking of key performance indicators, helping you optimize marketing strategies and refine patient-centric approaches while also visualizing last touch ROIs across engagement touchpoints.

Determining Your Role in the Patient Experience

By conducting in-depth market research and aligning brand strategies, we've enabled our clients to position themselves effectively, creating authentic connections with patients, healthcare providers, and stakeholders. With strategic data integration, we are able to pinpoint ownership among you, stakeholders, HCPs, specialty pharmacies, and insurers.

FDA/FTC/HIPAA Compliance

Deploy safeguard-rich Salesforce solutions to adhere to FDA, FTC, and HIPAA regulations. From secure data handling to compliant marketing practices, we've crafted robust systems that protect sensitive information while promoting innovation.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Sales Channel Synergies

Orchestrate seamless synergies between traditional and emerging sales channels to efficiently tap into e-commerce, telemedicine, and direct-to-patient sales, expanding market reach and diversifying revenue streams.

Increased Speed and Efficiency of Clinical Trial Management

By automating workflows, tracking participant progress, and enhancing collaboration, you can significantly reduced trial timelines, ultimately bringing life-saving treatments to market faster.

Patient Support Programs

Devise and deploy patient-centric initiatives that provide tailored resources, education, and emotional support. These programs not only improve patient outcomes but also cultivate loyalty and advocacy, driving long-term success by aligning key ecosystems and patient journey knowledge.

BioTech and Pharma Trends

As the industry has progressed, Biotech and Pharma companies must keep up with the following trends to elevate customer engagement and experience.

  1. Rising competition among companies that are vying to engage the same customers with targeted therapies and medications.
  2. Pharma companies’ acquisitions that pose integration and data synchronization hurdles
  3. Mounting pressure to establish a loyal network of stakeholders, providers, payers, and customers with highly customized engagement journeys
  4. Reinventing R&D approaches that reduce decision-making time to develop new treatments and drugs or junk them
  5. Leveraging data and predictive tools to improve adherence via better communication and support services

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