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Policyholder 360

Elevate customer experience with deep insights into policyholders, enabling personalized service, targeted offerings, and proactive risk management.

Quote-to-Bind Process

Effortlessly integrate data and expedite policy issuance, all while delivering unmatched speed and convenience.

Automated Underwriting

Harness real-time data analysis for faster, more precise underwriting and risk assessments, ensuring quicker quote to policy and better productivity.

Claims Management

Automate and simplify claims processing from first notice of loss to adjudication and payment, reduce administrative overhead, and foster trust among policyholders.

Contact Center

Transform your insurance company's communication hub into a powerhouse of customer engagement. Enable seamless interaction, rapid query resolution, and predictive workflows.

Distribution Management

Empower agents, monitor performance, and facilitate seamless distribution of insurance products, driving growth and profitability.

Broker/Agency CRM

Supercharge sales, track leads, employee onboarding, and policy transactions and cultivate a loyal network of partnerships.

Financial Services Cloud Upgrade

Future-proof your insurance company by upgrading your Salesforce Clouds to Financial Services Cloud. Leverage the latest features, bolster security, and unlock new avenues for innovation and expansion.

Why Salesforce Financial Cloud

It can be frustrating for insurance customers to deal with repetitive calls for getting personalized quotes or customization in the first place. This can lead to sizeable opportunity loss accentuated by poor customer satisfaction levels. This puts insurance companies under immense pressure to leverage technology in order to get ahead of the competition with streamlined processes, seamless administration and claims management, apart from a customer-centric quotation procedure.

Insurance companies looking to establish a strategic 360-degree vantage point for customer data need to understand how data siloes and disparate systems are a major roadblock to that endeavor. These systems and tech stacks need to be harmonized in order to paint a clear picture of customer profile, behaviour, and needs to make granular customization possible at every touchpoint. Automating the legacy processes can help reduce cost, complexity and scope of errors, leading to superior customer engagement and satisfaction.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of insurance, personalized service and efficient management are paramount. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) equips insurance companies with the tools they need to excel in the following ways:

  1. Streamlined onboarding processes and policy lifecycle management with customizable workflows reduce manual tasks, automates processes, and ensure a seamless transition from application to policy issuance.
  2. With Salesforce Einstein, insurance companies can provide personalized recommendations like additional coverage or optimizing existing policies, increasing cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  3. With PAS/AMS integration, FSC enables agents to have easy access to all policyholder information, making it easier to provide tailored services.


Sumeru understands this landscape

With years of experience solving complex insurance sector challenges deploying top-grade consultants, we bring seasoned Salesforce insurance solution capabilities to the table. With deep knowledge of the property, casualty, life, and annuity insurance lines across personal and commercial domains, we help you improve productivity, reduce complexity, and drive consistent business growth.

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