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Our team deploys proven retention frameworks to ensure 30%+ revenue uplift from Email and SMS ops

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What all we do for your Success

Journey Automation

We help our clients maximize impact across CX touchpoints by discovering, building, testing, and fine-tuning automated flows including welcome series, post-purchase, cart abandonment, browse abandonment, reactivation, and a lot more.


We are committed to supporting growing brands leverage progressive profiling to gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour, enabling hyper-targeted personalization of their messaging.

Email Design

We build highly customizable and responsive email template designs that clients can deploy across campaigns without a hassle.

Platform Migration

Tired of juggling multiple ESPs? Let us take the stress out of migrating and managing email programs across platforms and help you get the most out of your existing ESP. Need something better? We’ll point you to the right one!


Know thy customer! We harness data analytics tools and techniques to help you design and implement personalized marketing strategies tailored to individual customer preferences and behaviors, fostering long-term lucrative relationships.

How we make the Success Real

Timely and Cost-Effective Email Marketing Campaigns: Our Process:

  1. Define Your Campaign's Objectives and Audience
  2. Gather Content, Offers, Images, and Brand Guidelines
  3. Expertly Design, Code, Test, and Deploy Campaigns in Your Chosen ESP
  4. Provide Thorough Campaign Tracking and Reporting
  5. Continuously Manage and Optimize Campaigns as Needed
  6. Conduct Regular Monthly/Quarterly Reviews as Appropriate

What’s included in our campaign management services

It’s time to take the bloated time and resource expense out of email marketing for your business. Let Sumeru’s expert team maximize your email revenue by building, testing, and optimizing impactful campaigns.

Campaign planning and execution

Email design, coding, and deployment

Round-the-clock dedicated assistance

Content coordination

Data handling and optimization

Periodic reporting and A/B testing

Why Most Business Leaders Choose Sumeru

All business excellence boils down to making the right choices and picking the right strategic partner. Here are all the reasons why 8 out of 10 business leaders are making that right choice with Sumeru and seeing incredible ROI.

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User obsession

Everything that we do is meticulously user-centric. We ensure that you are not only getting the results you desire as per your goals and objectives, but are also committed to fostering unshakeable brand loyalty among your users throughout our association.


Whether it’s our communication with you, or your messaging to the client, we believe in a super transparent association that sets clear terms, goals, and metrics, enabling you to deliver impeccable customer experience.


Our expansive project portfolio features growing brands in the fields of MarTech, FinTech, LegalTech, HealthTech, RetailTech, and lots more. We stay abreast with all the latest advancements across industries and deliver inter-disciplinary projects with unmatched efficiency.

We know the grind

We understand what it takes to propel a business from zero to one, or one to one million. We are glad to partner with you and unlock hidden potential in your business with proven marketing strategies and digital frameworks.

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