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Every day, you work with countless applications across business functions to get things done. However, as your organization grows, with multiple applications come the issues of data bloat, inconsistency, and mismanagement, leaving you with no single source of truth and, ultimately, a serious drop in productivity levels.

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What if you could bring these third-party or custom-built applications directly into your Salesforce Org? What if you can empower your team to work across platforms out of your Salesforce CRM with the peace of mind that they will have everything that they need at a centralized source of consistent data? That's what Sumeru’s Salesforce integration services are for.

Sumeru’s Salesforce integration consulting can help

Our team of Salesforce integration specialists can assist you in your journey to unify all your tech stack and data flows in line with your business objectives and capacities. Here are three Sumeru advantages:

Custom API Integrations

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to customizing and integrating apps in Salesforce. We understand your unique business needs and fine-tune your tech stack to work for you in order to maximize your ROI.

Integration monitoring

Get real-time updates on how the integrations are making a difference to your bottomline with in-depth KPI reports. We ensure that all synchronization runs in harmony ith your systems and evolves with your growth trajectory.


Facing sync issues with different applications? Address them and more with the help of our integration specialists who will put necessary SOPs in place and enable your team to prevent issues make data flows consistent across touchpoints.


Nothing beats the upside of having a single source of truth even while working with different applications. With a carefully curated Salesforce integration strategy, your team can leverage a turbocharged tech stack that works exactly the way they want it to, and then some more. This imparts the following advantages to your organization:

  1. Automation and data synchronization streamline processes, saving time, costs, and reducing manual data entry
  2. Get a holistic view of customer data and interactions, enabling better sales processes, marketing campaign tracking, and customer relationship management
  3. More comprehensive reporting and data-driven decision-making
  4. Reduced data duplication and improved adaptation as your business scales

Seamless Salesforce Integration

At Sumeru, we have an array of some of the best Salesforce integration specialists in the industry who have handled both large and small scale cross-platform unification projects with razor-sharp precision. We will put together an actionable roadmap for you to take your digital transformation journey to the next level with custom CRM implementation. Every step will be a value add that you can measure and scale along with your business.

Our curated minimal disruption Salesforce integration strategy will accord unparalleled agility and flexibility for the future of your organization. With your tech and data in harmony, sky will be the limit for your ROI, no matter how intricately built apps you want to enrich your Salesforce instance with.

API-Led Approach with MuleSoft

As more data assimilates and your business scales, it is imperative to manage integrations with a future-proof strategy that sustains changes throughout the tech lifecycle and beyond. As a premier Salesforce consulting partner and Mulesoft strategic industry partner, we stay abreast with every industry best practice and follow an API-centric approach that accelrates development and streamlines all system flows, giving your team more flexibility, transparency, agility, and ownership.

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