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How we do it

Tech Stack

iOS Applications

  • iPhone and iPad Apps
  • Apple TV Apps
  • Apple Watch
  • Vision Pro Apps (coming soon)
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Android Applications

  • Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Android Auto
  • Smart TVs
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Cross-platform Applications (and Web Apps)

  • Progressive Web-apps
  • Single code base
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Why our apps are special

With over a decade of experience building and deploying fully-functional and versatile mobile applications, Sumeru has gathered the critical know-how that goes behind developing great applications that stand the test of time and industry changes. Distilled from all the grind and triumphs, here are the key ingredients that make our apps irresistible to businesses across the globe:


Our applications run seamlessly across platforms like iOS, Android and Windows, no adoption needed. This allows users to have a superior experience across devices and operating systems.


We stay abreast with the latest technical advancements across industries to ensure that our clients relish the freshest front-row user experience, every single time.


User experience that can scale along with your databases will always be our top priority. Our apps are run on performance-intensive platforms that deliver lag-free last-click user adoption and functionality.


Intuitive UI and buttery smooth navigation are the hallmarks of every app we deliver. Rest assured, your customers will not only use the app, they will literally fall in love with it.


There’s no room for error. All of our apps run glitch-free, thanks to granular QA testing procedures and highly skilled development, skyrocketing user satisfaction.


All of our apps incorporate immersive gamification and intuitive design frameworks, leading to extensive adoption and greater user satisfaction and retention.

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Our Engagement Modals

01.Fixed Cost

Specifically designed for startups and enterprises operating within strict budget constraints and predetermined timelines, this model allows you to discuss project requirements up front. As the engagement commences, we follow the predefined milestones and consistently deliver optimal solutions ahead of schedule.

Within this framework, we meticulously examine all your documents, Statements of Work (SOWs), mockups, references, and engage in transparent communication with you. We assess and propose cost-effective solutions, breaking down tasks into distinct milestones with expected completion dates.

Advantages of opting for this model:

  • Minimized Financial Risks
  • Strategic Project ROI Planning
  • Option to Outsource Projects
  • Cost Control
  • Clear and Stable Requirements

02.Dedicated Resource Hire

Feel free to choose either a single resource or assemble your own team to work on your project according to your specifications. Our resources seamlessly integrate with your in-house team, ensuring complete security and administrative control over your platforms. We also offer expert strategy recommendations to maximize project success.

This model works best for short-term as well as long-term basis.

Advantages of choosing this model:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Selection of the Right Resource after Rigorous Vetting
  • Efficient Staff Management
  • Direct Interaction of Dedicated Developers with Your Clients
  • Versatile Work Assignments for Resources
  • Ongoing Support

03.Time and Resources

This model is best suited for extended projects with evolving or unclear requirements, as well as projects where specifications and requirements may change during the course of development.

Under this model, you only pay for the time and resources allocated to your project.

Advantages of adopting this model:

  • Flexible SOWs
  • Reduced Risk
  • Negotiable Budgets
  • Accommodating changes until final delivery

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